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Design & illustration

Design &

Prints and patterns full of life that transforms anything into captivating visual stories.

I create illustrations in my distinctive style, bringing your vision and ideas to life. Repeat, or seamless, patterns are ideal for textiles and various other products, and single prints or illustrations are suitable for any item or purpose - I tailor my designs to your needs. I’d love to help your brand stand out, whether I'm creating a pattern that tells a story or designing unique prints that leave a lasting impression, my work goes beyond aesthetics—it captures the spirit of your brand.

Content creaton

Content Creation

The world through the perspective of someone who sees everything in shapes and colors.

My content provides a glimpse into the world as I see it. From my colorful and unique home, I capture vibrant and eye-catching images and videos for your social media platforms. Alternatively, I am always open to collaborations and promoting your brand through my own channels, boasting an organic following of 20k on Instagram and 140k on TikTok. Every piece of content I create is meticulously shot, reflecting careful thought and attention to detail.

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Murals & street art

Murals & street art

Large-scale paintings that make people smile and help spread happiness, inspiration and creativity.

A painted wall or surface can transform a space, providing it with character - making it ideal for public places, office interiors, and urban settings. Murals have a significant impact, not only on the space itself but, more importantly, on the people within it. The goal with my work is to spread positive energy and evoke creativity. Elevate your space with art that not only beautifies but also inspires. Because my art is easily comprehensible, it will leave a lasting and joyful impression on all who encounter it.

Art prints

Art prints

Little pieces of joy made to add color to any room, and create an inviting and inspiring feel to the space they're in.

My art prints are what put my career in art and design in motion, and today, I have created exclusive art print collections for numerous stores such as Wallbaby, Postery and Wall of Art. My artworks consist of vibrant pieces thoughtfully made to add color to a space in the simplest way or to create a more inviting and inspiring atmosphere. The motifs vary from abstract to more illustrative, but the element of nature is almost always present.

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Custom projects

stom projects

One-of-a-kind items that are completely unique, and made carefully with love by hand.

People cherish the uniqueness of custom-made products, crafted with love and exclusive to them. I can create unforgettable items for a limited edition, a giveaway or during in-store events and pop-ups. It can be painting an artwork live or transforming merchandise into wearable art. I'd love to help bring attention to your brand and let your audience engage with it via me as an artist, through a unique, different and memorable perspective - ensuring your brand stands out in the most remarkable way possible.

Graphic design

Graphic design

Cohesive and expressive visual communication that makes your brand stand out in the crowd.

I can help you define your brand, and give it a distinct personality and a memorable presence. I offer full graphic design services such as building a visual identity from scratch, or creating branding materials for a specific campaign, to smaller projects such as book covers and labels. By incorporating my unique artistic expression and my eye for detail and composition - I make sure that your brand gets the attention it deserves. Together we can create a powerful identity that resonates with your audience and makes a lasting impression on your customers.

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