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I'm Hanna KL, a visual artist, designer and content creator from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I create art filled with abstract flowers, psychedelic palm trees and organic shapes; influenced by Los Angeles, from my perspective as a Scandinavian. I've been partly based in LA the past few years, and the experiences I have and the memories I've collected continues to inspire me all the way from the other side of the world. The impact of LA combined with my parents garden and the creative home I grew up in on the Swedish west coast, and being surrounded by Scandinavian design my entire life - lead me to develop a unique artistic expression with influences from two completely different worlds.

I believe that form follows fun; that something can exist with the sole purpose of being aesthetic and spread joy, rather than functional, and my main focus is making people happy through my vibrant and often playful work.

I have worked with international clients like Urban Outfitters, Disney, Anthropologie, Furla, The city of Los Angeles, and Swedish companies like Designtorget, Vagabond Shoemakers, and Göteborgs stad. 

Hanna KL at the getty museum



A painted wall can complete a space and give it character, and it's perfect for any public place, office interiors and urban spaces. Murals make a huge difference for, not only the space itself, but more importantly - the people in it. The goal with my work is to spread happiness and make people smile, and because my art is easy for people to digest - my murals fit anywhere where some color and creative vibes are needed!


Content creation

I see the world in shapes and colors and I love showing others what it looks like through my eyes. I can shoot eye catching content for your socials in a unique setting, or I'd be happy to discuss promoting your brand on my own channels. A lot of thought goes into the content I shoot and I always deliver quality images and video.


Art prints

My art prints are what made my career in art and design take off and today I have created exclusive art print collections to a number of stores. My artworks are pieces of colors made to add more color in your home or create a more inviting and inspiring feel. The motifs range abstract to more illustrative but the element of nature is almost always present. 


Brand activation

People love having custom-made, one-of-a-kind items; they know it's made with love and nobody else has it. I do customization projects for in-store events and pop-ups where your customers can interact and engage with your brand through me as an artist. Whether it's painting an artwork live or painting on a pair of shoes - I can help bring attention to your brand through a unique, different and memorable perspective.


Graphic design

I have a great eye for detail and composition - and in this case the combination of text, images, color and illustration. I can make anything from books, brand identities, packaging and posters to digital layouts for social media.

Contact via about

Looking to add some color?

I'd love to help you!


I am based out of my hometown in Sweden but I work with clients from all over the world. Wherever you are, whatever ideas you may have -  don't hesitate to reach out, and I will do my best to meet your wishes.

Thank you!

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