I have created print and pattern design for different types of clothing and textiles, and other various items. I use my unique artistic expression to create interesting designs, whether you are looking for something colorful and fun that draws attention, or something more minimal. I do everything from a single print to an entire pattern collection.

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I like to observe my surroundings, and I often notice interesting compositions just while walking down a street. I see the world in shapes and colors, rather than, for example, a car, and I try to capture things that people often would just walk by without paying attention to, but through my eyes. There is beauty to discover almost anywhere, you just have to look up and be willing to discover it.


Murals are inviting and inspiring, and can open up our imagination and create dialoge between people. My art is easy for people to digest, no matter our cultural differences or backgrounds, I just want to spread happiness and make people smile which makes my murals fit anywhere.


People love having something custom-made, or one-of-a-kind items, as they know it's made with love and care, and nobody else has it. I take on customization projects for in-store events and pop-ups where your clients can interact and engage with your brand through me, as an artist. It could be anything from live painting to customization of a product. I can also create something eye-catching for an online release or social media campaign, and help bring attention to your brand through a unique and different perspective.