Repeat, or seamless, patterns are perfect for clothing and various other products. I have a pattern portfolio of mixed styles, as my artistic expression and skillset has grown and developed over the years and changed with me and my interests, travels and also struggles. Here you can view a selection of patterns I created between now and 2015 in a timeline where I share my inspiration and explain my thought-process at the time.


In the end of 2020 I moved from working on my laptop to drawing on iPad and with that transition I went on to create drawings rather than seamless patterns. My art went from being influenced by colorful architecture to vibrant gardens and I felt like everything just fell into place for me.


My inspiration is still very much influenced by Los Angeles, but since I haven't been able to go there since 2019 I collect it from memories, feelings and images I have planted in my head from different moments, and places, around in LA. The 60s and 70s are now my creative aesthetic, since mid 2020, and I'm also heavily influenced by my parent's garden and all the beautiful flowers and vegetation that can be found there.




I started off 2020 by drawing lots of playful and fun shapes but I quickly felt like I got deeper and deeper into a creative rut. Internet culture became more important (read essential) than ever and it was difficult to not be influenced by creators online, in the sense that I couldn't go anywhere to find inspiration and all I could do was scroll Instagram and Pinterest. I was constantly fed other people's work and I couldn't think of anything to do myself.


The first few months of isolation I was illustrating houseplants in pots and vases, and some abstract patterns here and there. I also started to experiment with flowers and tried making a few floral patterns for the first time but other than that I felt like I was just doing what everybody else was doing.

Towards the end of the year I realised that I could search within me and find all that inspiration I had been gathering during all my time in LA. Without even looking at photos I was able to go back to places I had been and pickup the essence of it and recreate it in my own way. And so I created prints and patterns with psychedelic and super trippy palm trees, and I finally felt like I had found something really unique that I wanted to continue with.



I wasn't sure which direction to take my art in 2019 and spent a lot of time being doubtful and trying to find my way with it. I created a library of shapes, and some of them I really liked, but pattern-wise I was uncertain of what to make of them. The palm trees were rather absent this year (only to come back stronger than ever in late 2020) and I made a few patterns but was more into simpler designs, and drawing and painting by hand.