A painted wall can complete a space and give it character, and are amazing for office interiors, common residential areas and public or urban spaces. A mural can make a huge difference for, not only the space itself, but more importantly, the people in it. Murals are inviting and inspiring, and can open up our imagination and create dialoge between people. Art can actually help us in our everyday-life, as being surrounded by it can make us more creative and productive, at work or at home.

A splash of color can be a much needed contrast in many environments and can even make surroundings look like they're well taken care of or even make people want to take better care of it. My art is easy for people to digest, no matter our cultural differences or backgrounds, I just want to spread happiness and make people smile which makes my murals fit anywhere.

The city of Gothenburg turned 400 years old in June 2021 and I was asked to be part of a 21km long art trail that was created for the celebration. I painted the ground of an entire street; the biggest space in the whole project, and made what is believed to be the longest mural in Gothenburg. The artwork measures at 220m long and a total of 350 m2.


Client: Sätt Färg På, Trafikkontoret och Göteborgs stad


Because of the scale of the project, and the surface being asphalt, I had to come up with a rather simple concept and a design without many details. I split up the design into 25 different pieces, that together create a 220 m long trail


The street the mural is on is called Gröna Gatan which translates to “The green street” and I chose to paint pretty much only flowers cause I wanted to make the green street bloom all year round!

IMG_2833 mindree.jpg
IMG_1335 copy.jpg

Utility building, Kungälv, Sweden, 2020


Large mural in the arts district of Downtown LA, 2019


Utility boxes in Los Angeles

Left box, 2018; located on Van Nuys blvd/Hatterass st

Right box, 2019; located on Burnside ave/W 3rd st


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